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About Comma Excess

Comma Excess is a tiny interactive multimedia group of two. I specialize in video games and similar forms of interaction. At the current moment there is not all too much to show, but the gears are turning. Look out for the following:

  • Algae, a small C# game framework; basically a light XNA using OpenGL 3.2 for graphics and the Allegro game programming library for platform abstraction.
  • A secret game project using Algae featuring a cast of particularly interesting characters.

Stay tuned!

About Me

Hello there! I am Aaron Bolyard, a game design and game programming aficionado. Over my career of game programming, I have compiled a good bit to show. While there may be nothing out of this world on my site, there's got to be something suited for just about anyone. Especially if you like programming.

If you happen to be impressed by the quality or information present, then why not send me an e-mail at aaron@commaexcess.com?